Heartfelt - Catsuit

Heartfelt - Catsuit



Aqua Blue with Heart Design

One Size Only = Adult (Between 3kg-6kg) / Length of Garment = 45cm

Our Catsuits are made with an opening at the back so that your cat can still toilet as normal.

SphynxBoyz garments have been specifically tailored to fit the Sphynx body type and to not hinder your cat’s mobility. They will also fit other breeds with similar body types and short hair, such as; Devon Rex, Cornish Rex, Siamese, Orientals, etc.

Here at SphynxBoyz your cat's comfort and health are our top priority. For that reason, we use ONLY cotton-based fabrics to manufacture our clothes, therefore our garments allow your cat's skin to breath whilst being soft and comfy on their delicate skin. Cotton is also great for absorbing your Sphynx's skin oils therefore protecting your furniture and bedding.

SphynxBoyz clothes are machine washable. We recommend turning them inside out, washing them with like colours on a cold setting, and line dry in the shade. Do NOT tumble dry, dry clean or bleach your SphynxBoyz garments.