Leopard - Kitty Knickers

Leopard - Kitty Knickers



Kitty Knickers are washable pants (diapers / nappies) for cats. They are made for cats with incontinence, spraying or marking issues, wound protection and cats in heat. These cat pants are suitable for both male and female cats and have been designed specifically to fit the feline body. They contain highly absorbent padding to keep your cat dry, and are machine washable.

Kitty Knickers are available in ONE ADJUSTABLE SIZE to suit adult cats weighing between 3kg-8kg.

Kitty Knickers are made from a waterproof outer layer with multiple layers of absorbent padding on the inside ensuring they draw moisture away from your cat whilst preventing any leaks. They have a full black lining that is both soft and breathable to ensure your cat's comfort.

The best time to introduce your cat to Kitty Knickers is around meal time. To fit them; gently slide your cat's tail through the tail hole and pull the straps up and around their hips, then secure the straps to the closure tape running along their back.

Initially your cat may behave as though it's immobilised and lay down or walk strangely, however over a short period of time they should adjust to wearing their Kitty Knickers and resume acting normally.

Kitty Knickers can also be used with a women's sanitary pad for added convenience (half will suffice). This is advisable for very small cats where the tail hole does not finish directly under the base of the tail. Place the sanitary pad so that it slightly covers the tail hole which will prevent any liquids from escaping.

Kitty Knickers should be used under supervision only.

* Seek veterinary assistance for any undiagnosed cases of incontinence or marking with your cat.